NU1619A is a highly integrated and highly efficient wireless power receiver. It integrates a synchronous rectifier designed for a wide frequency range and a programable low dropout regulator for the optimal system efficiency. The regulator can provide a wide range regulated voltage or current output; both can be programmable through an I2C interface. NU1619A can conduct bi-directional communication with a transmitter system through ASK and FSK. The communication is compliant with WPC. NU1619A can also be operated as a transmitter (Tx) to charge another receiver. Only few external components are needed and maximum 10W power can be transferred. NU1619A’s flexibility is provided by an onchip 32Bit MCU which can customize and optimize the device for various applications and custom needs. The programmability includes output power, bidirectional communication scheme, system protection, status reporting and error reporting. NU1619A also includes standard protection functions such as input under-voltage lockout, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown. These provisions further enhance the reliability of the system solution. The device is housed in a compact 2.90mm4.04mm WCSP package.


  • ·                 集成LDO3.5V20V可编程输出电压,调节步长40mV

    ·                 0.1A2.2A可编程输出电流, 调节步长20mA

    ·                 根据IC功耗动态调节输出功率

    ·                 集成全桥和PWM控制

    ·                 FOD参数可编程

    ·                 1.8V参考电压输出

    ·                 支持内部V5V多输入路径管理

    ·                 支持过压,过流,过温,短路保护

    ·                 10ADC, 用于电压、电流和温度测量

    ·                 集成32MCU 支持I2C通讯

    ·                 系统内可编程

    ·                 双向通信ASK+FSK

    ·                 支持中断

    ·                 54-WCSP 2.90mm x 4.04mm0.4mm脚距

  • • 充电宝
  • • 工业、医疗用无线充电设备